The Future Of Shared Workspaces & Coworking in 2020

Study shows the predicted growth of the industry to 30% by 2030, by its coworking growth study in June.Because of:
Coworking creates flexibility in real estate, adds services, and can generate profits to landlords by offering premium space to tenants.
– Global occurrences in 2020 have created a huge opportunity for coworking to re-organize and newly orient itself as “next generation real estate”.
– Driven by landlords transitioning portions of their portfolios into more agile floor plans (plug and play, furnished suites) with more flexible lease terms (1-3 years instead of 5-10). That transition will likely be greatly accelerated by the pandemic.
– Corporate & “Super flex members“
– Community-Building through „Pro-active landlords”BalanceC_Shared Workspaces & Coworking in

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With the help of @BernhardMehl by courtesy.